Sunday Magazine ====July 20, 2014

Sunday Magazine

A song to get things rolling: a train song Choo Choo Ch’Boogie, written in 1946 by Vaughn Horton, Denver Darlin, and Victor Gabler and recorded famously by Louis Jordan…. and played here by Maybank and Bumba – with some very nice touches by Mr. Maybank, I may add…..


The Los Angeles Silver Line doing the Choo Choo Ch’Boogie near Culver City









And now the continuing story of Ted Morris, private eye, which takes place in Los Angeles about ten years after the Choo Choo Ch’Boogie was written.

Ted Morris, L.A. Detective: a short story long on genre. Part II. (For Part I click here).

IMG_0095Ted Morris watched as the woman Angelina kissed her little boy, Francisco was his name, a very tender goodbye at the doorway of their ground floor apartment. He nabbed her as she walked down the sidewalk. Just like that. Smoothly he came up from behind and took hold of her elbow. Before she could speak he said,

“Angelina, my dear, I am a private detective here in L.A. But I can have you picked up in a New York minute. OK? Do you understand?”

He let go of her arm, as they both continued to walk calmly down the quiet little street. Angeline had not broken stride. She walked on silently – as if nothing had happened. But when they turned the corner onto 9th St., she wheeled and spat out at him:

“So who the fuck are you? And why you been following me? And why should you be care?”

She glared at him for several long moments. Stepping back on the sidewalk she continued, “So if you’re smart, you just fuck off, you…”

“OK,” Morris interrupted tersely, “Here’s the deal”. Morris looked directly into the eyes of the woman he’d been following the past two weeks. Now that he was finally looking right at her from up close he was struck by her beauty. For a moment he got lost in some sort of strange mental lapse. Her eyes were magnificent, very dark.

“I know,” he continued finally, “what you been up to. Well, there’s still a couple details I’m not sure about, but pretty much I know. And I tell you I appreciate your situation. Here’s how I figure it.” He paused and looked up the silent street.

“You owe big to Mikey G. downtown. I know that. And you’re even into Carmella Flores for 5 G’s. Am I right?”

Angelina arched one eyebrow and slowly looked him up and down, taking in his rumpled brown suit and soup-stained tie. She did not speak, but beckoned him to continue.

“Yes. You’re in quite a fix, girlie. And what you don’t know is that you’re running shit that is marked….That’s right. You’re going to get caught. They’ve set you up.”

Angeline Marcuse stepped back again. She carefully placed her canvas carrying case onto the grass of somebody’s well-tended lawn.

“So here’s the deal. I’m gonna deliver you to the FBI. You’re gonna give me 50 G’s from that satchel because I’m a nice guy and I like you. I’ll arrange for little Francisco to get adopted by your sister Francina. I think I can get that arranged downtown, the adoption and all. All the money goes for the kid’s education when he grows up and to help out Francina with the expenses. I ain’t a thief. Nobody’s perfect, I guess. Anyhow, I figure you’ll still have enough to pay back Mikey – who is the one who hired me if you haven’t figured that out yet – and also your lovely buddy Miss Flores. According to my calculations, you should still have a coupla grand to spare that you can stash somewhere. I’m gonna bring you in. You’ll be looking at ten years, maybe less. But you’ll be alive. Mikey will leave you alone. And your kid will be taken care of.”

Angelina’s face showed a hint of a smile. She picked up the satchel, took Morris’ arm and started to walk down the street.

“Come on, shammis. Come on. What you say your name is? Come on. I buy you a cup of coffee.”

To be continued??



Believe it or not, Bumbastories has already addressed the theme of Anthemic Songs 

See Let It Be , see This Land Is Your Land

Def: anthemic: 1. a song of loyalty or devotion, as to a nation or college: a national anthem. 2. a musical composition for a choir, usually set to words from the Bible, …3. : a usually rousing popular song that typifies or is identified with a particular subculture, movement, or point of view

OK. National anthems don’t count here. Not on this blog! They all suck anyway. However, Take Me Out To The Ballgame, The Beatles’ Let It Be, Alexander’s Ragtime Band: these are true anthemic songs — all by way of introducing a personal anthem, a song which captures my own (and Maybank’s) philosophy of life, in particular as it pertains to ambition and personal work ethic: the Country classic Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms – which we played again the other day and with which I hope you will sing along.

Ain’t gonna work on the railroad/ Ain’t gonna work on the farm/ I’m gonna lay around the shack till the mailtrain gets back/Gonna roll in my sweet baby’s arms


A pleasant week to all. And don’t work too hard.


The Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section

This week’s Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section presents….


       !!!!!!!!!!!A World Cup News Flash from Bumbastories!!!!



Germany wins World Cup! A sweet goal by Mario Goetze in the second overtime period broke a 0-0 tie at minute 115 and did the trick for the victorious Germans. Wow.

What a great World Cup it’s been! Bumbastories is proud to scoop this wonderful tournament and announce the winner. Congratulations to the German team – and congratulations to the Argentinian team no less – for a great tournament. Indeed congratulations to all the teams that competed this year in the World Cup. All the teams, all the games were great…..Well, except for the Brazilian team. Yikes!!!

We here in America particularly enjoyed the World Cup. Many Americans were reminded that sports doesn’t necessarily have to have endless time -outs/commercials. It’s just a pleasure to watch this great sport played well. I think a lot of sports fans in America discovered the pleasure of football this year. Just to watch Lionel Messi has been a treat. Bravo!


                 images-3A Word About Ray Charles



Here’s to the late, great Ray Charles. I remember the first time I heard Ray. I was a kid, maybe 12 years old, but I remember I liked his music more than I had liked anything else before. It was “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and it was playing one quiet summer afternoon on a radio underneath our window. Sure, I listened to the doo wop music of the time (50’s and 60’s), and I heard the Frank Sinatra stuff and the show music. But this was something on a different level. Indeed I still have never heard a better rock/blues/pop singer. Ray was and still is #1. Ray was just unbelievable. I saw him live three times and he was always a knockout.

I was trying one of his songs with Maybank the other day. Of course it is almost blasphemous to do Ray Charles’ stuff. and the way I sing is a further insult. But heck, this song You Don’t Know Me by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold is just a terrific song to play and sing. Please sing along.

The song was written in 1955 by Cindy Walker for Eddy Arnold. Jerry Vale had a hit with it first, and of course Eddy had a hit with it. Ray Charles recorded it with his Country Western album and of course sings the definitive version. Lots of rock and pop stars have done it since but no one touches Ray’s version. Not even Bumba. As I said, please sing along if you know it. and if you’ve never heard Ray do it, well it’s on UTube and at your local record store.


Art Review


As promised, Bumbastories ‘art critic returned to the Los Angeles County Art Museum for another look at their featured exhibit “From Van Gogh to Kandinsky”. Luckily for us he brought his camera this time. Click on any picture to see a slide show.

Again, Bumbastories heartily recommends this exhibit to anyone within striking distance of the LACMA.


A pleasant and peaceful week to all!

St. James Infirmary Compendium

“What? Another Compendium? What’s with you, Bumba? OK, I get it. You like the word compendium. Good for you. And well, the Cement Elephant Compendium is an apt title, I suppose. And you also have the As I Sat On The Bus Compendium on this blog. Well, OK, that’s heavy too. Buses are heavy. Anyhoo, I checked out the Library – that box in the upper right hand corner – and it’s peppered with Compendiums! Or should I say compendia?

But the St. James Infirmary? Really it’s getting ridiculous here. St. James Infirmary is too sad a song to be singing all the time!

Am I crazy or do you actually enjoy singing sad songs?”

Which question do you want me to answer first? (You asked for that one! Actually, no you didn’t). But to respond, if I may: I do like singing sad songs. Everyone does. So why don’t you just chill, click on the song, and get on with the rest of the day? Hint: sing along. And, if you like, check out the St. James Infirmary Compendium. (That little box on the upper right of the page)

You mean that little box all the way on the top?

That’s right. Check it out.

Sunday Magazine —–July 6, 2014.

This week’s Bumbastories Sunday Magazine Section begins with a candid (not!) admission from the Editor.

Admission from the Editor

As editor of Bumbastories Sunday Magazine I would like to state that in my long and distinguished career (a good couple of months already) as editor of Bumbastories, and also including all the many newspapers and newscasts I’ve seen and heard over the years, that I have I never seen or heard a news anchor or editor to openly declare, ” Well folks, nothing much happened yesterday. It’s been pretty uneventful”.

This modicum of honesty is ne’er to be found in the entire history of print, video, or electronic news coverage to the best of my (admittedly limited) knowledge!

So in a first-of-its-kind journalistic breakthrough, Bumbastories hereby announces that it’s been a quiet weekend so far here in Los Angeles. Nothing much has happened. But nonetheless and all the same Bumbastories would like to present this week’s

Sunday Magazine.

Featured this quiet week are an As I Sat On The Bus just to keep you on your toes.

An update on the Carls’ construction (I told you nothing was new)

A song  just recorded earlier by Bumba and Maybank.


As I Sat On The Bus (AISOTB #38?)


As I sat on the bus I was seized this time by a sudden urge to….

Hold on a second, Keep this clean! …….

….to ponder the fate of humankind and the far reaches of the universe, its underpinnings…..

…..Well, maybe a little spice…. a bit of flash….

…I pondered the principle of sex….

……Now you’re talking!…..

……a principle or a practice (practice makes perfect!) that might well be a local Earthly phenomenon, not a universal. But in any case, on earth at least, sex is the evolutionary wrinkle that splits the organism into slightly different reproducing pairs which can then re-unite over generations to produce increased genetic variety, thus accelerating the pace of evolution. ….


……Our pleasure in sex would then be another evolved, hard-wired, transmitted-through-the-generations set of behaviors and organ systems that insures the continuation of the species and accelerates the pace of evolution. A definite icing on the cake.

….Now you’re talking again. Tell me more about the icing….

I thought you said to keepit clean. OK, here are some dirty pictures……. images-1 images-2


“Sects, sects, sects!” complained one Franciscan monk to the other, “That’s all you ever talk about!”


Here’s a song of longing and OK, I’ll keep it clean. It’s Sam Cooke’s Bring It On Home To Me, recorded a few weeks ago by a Bumba and Maybank.


Follow-Up to George Packard’s coverage of the Carl’s construction

As indicated earlier, nothing much happening here in L.A. Our roving reporter can report only modest progress made in the Carls’ construction, although the keen observer can now discern the beginnings of the Drive-Thru lane.IMG_0017




Wishing everyone a pleasant week…….



HAPPY JULY FOURTH from The Cement Elephants (AGAIN)

With no apologies Bumbastories would like to re-post an Independence Day message

Welcome Everybody and A Happy July 4th!!

Welcome Everybody and A Happy July 4th!!

from last year when we visited with the cement elephants for inspiration (Click on Independence Day Message to see). Please consult the Cement Elephant Compendium in the Library Section (Click on the little square in the upper right hand corner to open the Library) for additional inspiration. Meanwhile, a HAPPY JULY FOURTH TO EVERYONE ALL OVER THE WORLD!




Sunday Magazine June 29, 2014

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Magazine Section

This week Bumbastories Sunday Magazine features:

Another George Packard Report about a Carl’s Jr. construction site

A Raymond Chandler-like detective story about an L.A. Private Eye

An Illustrated poem 

An Art Review

And a song.

So relax. Loosen your seatbelts, take off your socks and shoes……..Well, maybe you should leave your shoes on……



George Packard Report

George Packard, roving reporter for Bumbastories was out on his bicycle again. Roving the streets of Los Angeles, Packard was looking for a big story, breaking news, a journalistic coup de grace, a scoop. After some time pedalling and combing the streets, George stopped at the Yogurtland for a frozen yogurt. It was soft-serve and quite delicious. No scoop, though.

It wasn’t long, though, before George was back on the bike. Roving again, combing the streets, looking for another scoop – or at least a garage sale. George headed toward the site of a potential scoop that he had started to investigate two weeks earlier. It was the Carl’s on Fairfax and Olympic, and they were remodelling. George personally thought this was a major news story, as he knew that Carl’s quite well. Quite well indeed. However, he was well aware that this story was not a scoop. George Packard, retired schoolteacher and roving reporter, still maintained a modicum of contact with what is called reality.

They had razed everything and were now building a new Carl’s from scratch. Imagine that! George had wondered how they had disposed of all the rubble from the old restaurant. Much of it must have been highly combustible! George considered the quantities of Carl’s frying oil smoke that must have permeated that fine timber or fiberboard over all the years. George stopped to consider all that poly-unsaturated and polysaturated smoke from all those french fries, chicken nuggets, Carl’s Famous Catch fish sandwiches, not to mention the onion rings! George tried to think of something else.

IMG_1655As George Packard observed the progress made in the construction, it seemed to him that Carl’s was maintaining the high standards of structural integrity we’ve come to expect from the company of the Carl’s Famous Big Star and the Carl’s Six-Dollar-Burger. George Packard felt confident in the future of America.IMG_1654









An Illustrated Poem


The sound of the fountain


The impacts of the accelerating droplets of water

Create a clatter

With no rhythmic pattern

Just a continual patter

The water drops falling where they may


A circle is formed – a band – of splashing

And from these random impacts of water

Regular waves emerge

The water molecules amass patterns IMG_1635

That eventually reverberate








IMG_1581A song with a very urgent message, a sappy but very beautiful Bee Gees song that Bumba and Maybank keep trying to get right. Got To Get A Message To You. Sing along if you know it, sing along even if you don’t.


A Detective Story: Ted Morris, L.A. Private Eye

Ted Morris of the Los Angeles Private Investigations Agency examined the house across the street. IMG_1646The woman – Angelina Montez was her name – for whom he had been combing the streets of old Los Angeles for the past three weeks, had just walked in the door. Ted Morris stopped walking and stood still in the middle of this quiet street in this pleasant L.A. neighborhood, and gazed casually at the very lovely little house that this most dangerous of women had entered.
She probably won’t be long, thought Morris. It’s just a delivery after all.

Ted Morris, Private Eye, moved further up the street to wait.

When she emerged from the building half hour later she was accompanied by a young buck with greased-back hair, a long, wiry fellow, who looked both ways furtively as they stepped out onto the sidewalk and began to walk briskly, arm in arm, up 8th Street. IMG_1645

Morris followed at a distance of course.

Story to be continued……



A Bumbastories Art Review

I myself drew the assignment. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) this week opened its new exhibition Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky – a superlative review of the post-Impressionist and Expressionist art of Germany and France of the early 20th century. Nearly all the works presented were strongly influenced by the discovery, at the turn of the century, of Vincent Van Gogh’s amazing body of work.
This rich and varied review features several Van Goghs which this writer had not seen before – which is always a great treat. The wide collection of German and French impressionists and German Expressionists includes a magnetic Paul Klee, several wonderful Kandinskys, some fine Gaugains and Kirchners. In short, a great exhibit, which Bumbastories strongly recommends to anyone within striking distance of the L.A. basin.

More on the exhibit next week.

Wishing one and all a good week……

Me and Bobby McGee

This is a Bumbastories Singalong!

imagesThe mighty Kris Kristofferson wrote this gem back in 1969. Roger Miller was the first to record it. Janis Joplin, of course, did a great cover on it. Maybank and Bumba gave it a go last night. It’s a great song to sing and play, so please join in.