Love in Vain

Love in vain Love unrequited Love through the ages Tumbling on the shores What more to say about love? Here’s an excerpt from my novel The Phantom Speaks in which the Phantom, a sometimes-corporeal astral being, who somehow is also Chester Knowles, a deceased architect, pontificates on Love: The full novel(s) are available on Amazon as ebooks or hard copy. Click on Bumba Books above … Continue reading Love in Vain

Take Five: The Bumbastories Penta-Centennial May Magazine

Welcome to the merry month of May! Spring has arrived. As an iconoclast who thinks about these kind of things, I’m still not really sure why it is that people like the Spring so much. But clearly they do. It’s a pretty universal thing, this affection for the spring season. And people especially favor the month of May. “And why shouldn’t they?” you ask. “It’s … Continue reading Take Five: The Bumbastories Penta-Centennial May Magazine

Folk Songs

Folk songs, roots songs, plain ol’ old songs, these are the songs I like. So I’ll play them again. Here are a couple of songs I recorded yesterday. The first is John Henry, which is definitely in the top five of American folksongs. It tells of man’s bravery and resistance to the “machine”. In this case, the machine is a steam drill, and the man … Continue reading Folk Songs

More on the Four

More on the four and don’t ask “What four?” Let’s talk about the symmetry of the four. We see it, we use it all the time. Check out these 4-based tesselations from the Alhambra palace in Grenada. An aside about tesselations: A tesselation is a repeating geometric pattern. Somehow they appeal to our sense of beauty. Indeed they are beautiful. A hundred years ago the … Continue reading More on the Four

Fourth Quaternary April Magazine: Four More

Welcome to the month of April. As they used to say in merry England back in the 14th century…… When that Aprille with his shoures soote The droghe of March hath perced to the roote, And bathed every veyne in swich liccur Of which vertu has engendered is the flour……. Happy April. Happy Spring. And since April is the fourth month of the calendar year, … Continue reading Fourth Quaternary April Magazine: Four More

Tri-Centennial March Magazine

03/01/22 Happy March! Happy Third Month of the Gregorian Calendar! Hurray for the Three! The Triad! The Triangle! The Holy Trinity! The Three Graces……. Hey, everybody loves the three. Three is the charm. The Two (the number two, the concept of duality) splits unity (the One) into our world of opposites: life and death, present or absent, matter and energy, up and down, back and … Continue reading Tri-Centennial March Magazine

Middle of February Magazine

This decade’s first Middle of the month of magazine features A section on books I’ve been reading, or the answer to the question: “What have you been reading?” A section on music, or the answer to the question: “What have you been listening to recently?” A report about a meeting between George Packard and Bumba, or the answer to the question: “Who cares about any … Continue reading Middle of February Magazine

February Magazine

Oh no, it’s February already. Yikes. Time flies when you’re having a good time – and it also flies when you’re not. It’s Black history month, which usually means very little, but this year, Black history month will become a focus or victim of the culture wars – with bomb threats and who knows what. These are definitely dire times. President’s Day is celebrated in … Continue reading February Magazine


Back by unpopular request, here are some blues songs I recently recorded. Luckily I’ve been able to play again with Maybank of late and we’re having a swell time of it. But we can’t record currently, garshdonnit. So here are a few solo blues songs to cheer you up. What? Cheered by the blues? How can that be? I don’t know either. First, here’s Bill … Continue reading Blues

The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition

Happy New Year! Happy 2022! May the New Year bring us all good health and all good tidings. January is the first month of the Julian calendar year, and it is once again incumbent on this reporter to put together one of those Bumbastories’ Walk thru the Numbers/Mathematics for Dummies things for the number 1. Tying One on In our March Through the Numbers here … Continue reading The January Magazine, Tri-Holocene Édition