Need Stories Now

Now is your chance! Send in your story! The Bumbas character who was filling this everydayanotherstory blog so far has used up all his old stuff. All the stuff he had in his drawers (No, that doesn’t sound right. Forget about his drawers) All the tricks up his sleeve, all his aces in the hole, all his diamonds in the rough, and his trump cards too. Anyhow it’s all been posted in the category sections, and (if you have the stomach for it) you should read it in reverse order (earlier posts first and work back up to the present).

So the call, the SOS, is for contributions from the listening public (you are listening, aren’t you?) Send in your stories, poems, wordpress links, your off-the cuff comments. Send money! Actually, you can disregard the requests for articles if you send money. If you can’t send money, cash will do… Well, all right, send in your stories.

The Bumbas character is working on some other projects (short stories, a second novel, also a music CD companion to the Up in the Bronx novel). All of which can’t be posted until they come up to the high standard Bumbas sets – which mean they should be ready soon. Meanwhile send in your stories!

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