Cosmic Categories

Everyone knows here are only two types of people. There are people who like chocolate ice cream, and there are those who chose vanilla. It’s like East and West: the twain shall never meet. I mean, who would ever put hot fudge on cherry vanilla? Or strawberry syrup on top of butter pecan?

We’re talking about two separate worlds.

Color-coded, the two classes are the browns and the blues vs. the reds and the pinks, with the yellows holding some sort of middle ground. Musically, you have the clefs of A, E, D, F#, and C as separate from the E flats, G’s and B flats.

The baseball world has recognized this natural dichotomy by delineating the National and American Leagues.

In politics, you have the Republicans and the Democrats. It’s hard to find too many Independents.

There are people who leave the toilet seat up, and those who leave it down when they are finished. There are people who use Macintosh computers, and those who are IBM compatible.

There are those who have read to the bottom of this page, like you it seems, and then there are those who aren’t quite so foolish. But don’t feel bad. The punchline is “Everybody has to be someplace”.

7 thoughts on “Cosmic Categories

    1. Do you know the joke for the ‘everybody has to be someplace’ punchline?
      It’s an old Myron Cohen joke. and I would tell it to you over the blog except for that it’s a very long-winded tale. Thank you for your comments.

        1. OK. A guy is in bed with this woman. Suddenly her husband comes home. The man hides in the closet. The suspicious husband tears the apartment apart looking for the interloper. Finally he flings open the closet door, finds our guy, and says: “What are you doing in there???”
          and the punchline is……

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