Ah Odysseus, what cruel punishment did Kronos’ son,
wrathful and lonely god of the great seas cast upon you?
And for what?

Ah, high, noble Odysseus, resourceful and brave sacker of cities
What has brought you down so low
and so hard-worn?
Were it only for your foolish conceit, your hubris!

Yes, in arrogance laughing at the gods,
you did shout your name to the blinded cyclops.
(you didn’t need to do that, oh resourceful one)

Ach. So it was that Poseidon did hear-tell from his gruesome, goat-eating son.
And now did cast you, brave Ullysses, out again.
Upon the wine-colored sea
Exiled and yearning for home

Ach Odysseus
So brave
So beloved of the gods
May you find your way home at last