Shown above: Los Angeles’ own 340 ton megalith, still under wraps, as it sits near its planned perch on the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) front lawn.

The wonder of it is the engineering prowess that brought it here. Travelling 1 or 2 mph the whole way from a quary in Riverside, it took them over a week to haul it to L.A.! Talk about a slow commute! The gasoline expended in the effort (3.27 zillion gallons according to some estimates) may be partly responsible for the recent spike in gas prices in the Southland – or so say some of the local pundits, who remain anonymous and for very good reason. But hats off to the engineers in any case! Whether the rock has any particular artistic merit aside from its associations with the tow job remains to be seen.

Shown below are several other megaliths that are even heavier than the LACMA rock. All of them were towed, sculpted, and delivered by “primitive” cultures. And apparently they moved the rocks wasting any gasoline. I think they used ropes.

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