Inspirational Barnyard Noises

In these difficult days, we all need inspiration. The Bumbastories archival staff found these inspirational posts in the Bumbastories archives (old posts from seven, eight years ago!). For all those seeking inspiration, here are some moving moments, rather some moments that are imbued with meaning… With er.. I mean… moments… er…. I mean significant moments that are…er….. Excuse me. I am speechless.

Here are some interactive, inspirational pictures:

Click below each picture for heartfelt inspiration. And feel free to join in the chorus of inspired bloggers who feel ….well, who just feel inspired.









3 thoughts on “Inspirational Barnyard Noises

  1. I hope not all the animals heard in the audio tracks are in your living room – especially the horse – how make it to walk the staircase down again?

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