One might detect a bit of laziness going on at this bumbastories blog, barnyard noises notwithstanding It’s from the everydayanother story title. I mean, I didn’t literally promise to write a nother story every day. But the title does lead one to have that expectation. I gotta admit it. Well, today’s entry is just two songs. One is a song I wrote down yesterday called Can’t Complain and the other is This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie. The lyrics for Can’t Complain are something like this (I’m still working on it):

If I could re-record everything/I wouldn’t know just what to change./I guess I wouldn’t change anything./After all I can’t complain.

If I could re-arrange all my life/I wouldn’t know even how to begin/So I’ll just let it play out as it was./I guess I’ll play it out again/Play it out again/Play it out again

If I could say it all once again/I wouldn’t know what I could say./ If I could make amends for anything/It’s only that I stayed away/Away from the golden path/The road I always shoulda trod

There’s no reasons/and there’s no regrets/ I am moving on/ I’ll be walking down yonder road/ Hoping you might come along/Play it out again

If I could re-arrange everything/ I wouldn’t know how to begin/ So let’s just leave it all as it is/ Let the big wheel spin/ Play it out again

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