I like to play this one, There Been Some Lonely Times. I used two tracks this time. I posted the song last month as well (see post There Been Some Lonely Times in the Original Music and Songs section on your right). In the book, this song is composed and sung for us by Willie Miles, the hero of One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles. It’s on page 203. I guess I should explain that Willie Miles is a sort of incarnation or re-incarnation of Chester Knowles. Anywaze, here are the lyrics. Check out the book at Bumba Books.

If you listen to my story/You know I don’t tell no lies/ Its a story about myself/I was shot down and I died/ But in between those lifetimes/There been some lonely times/Yea hey, there been some lonely times

In the darkness of an alleyway I saw my life pass before my eyes/ I saw my last chance slip away/ I was shot down and I died/ Yea hey there been some lonely times

So please don’t ask me no more questions/ I ain’t got time to tell no lies/There’s a feeling in my heart/ Same as the stars up in the skies

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