For all you dog lovers out there, here’s a song about a dog called Shep

It’s a very sentimental song, even for dog lovers. It was written by Red Foley and Arthur Wills in 1935, and was made famous by Foley. Later it was recorded by Hank Snow and by Elvis. I learned it from a Jack Elliot record. I was introduced to a lot of country music and a ton of good songs and good feelings by Ramblin’ Jack. Hats off to Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, the Brooklyn cowboy.

Hats off also – a final hats off – to Earl Scruggs who passed this week. Earl was one of the greats. A great musician, and a fine man. I can remember the first time I heard that banjo twanging and the notes spilling out so fast and bright you couldn’t help but be captivated by this bluegrass music. Thank you, Earl, for all you gave us. And may we all keep on playing that country music. Here’s a song that Flatt and Scruggs made famous: Gotta do My Time