Today’s post is a re-run. I already presented this song on 3/22/12. But I was playing it again today, so here it is. I seem to have a thing, a mission, a fixation on these old songs. Worse yet, I have a thing about their preservation. I want to remind people of the good ol’days, introduce young people to their deep heritage of folk songs, keep the flame alive, etc. etc. Somebody Stole My Gal was written in 1918. When you consider the artists (in America) during the 20’s and 30’s you can’t help but be impressed. This was before marketing took over. There were new technologies: the automobile, the washing machine, the airplane, the telephone, the radio, moving pictures. Recorded music and radio broadcasts began to popularize some of the old country music, jazz was flourishing. Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were hitting their stride. Babe Ruth was hitting them out of the park. Hemingway, Picasso, Chaplin, Gershwin, Berlin, Woody Guthrie. It was quite a generation.

Today only a narrow range of music and films and books are promoted and popularized. Only the obvious, the sensational, the glitz make it to the airwaves. As a result, the kids today have little sense of history. So bumbastories is striking a blow for the good ol’ days. Anyway, here’s an old song for all you old-timers, new-timers, two-timers, and assorted nuts.