OK, you can “pass over” this one if you like. But, as we clean and scrub and prepare for the holiday (I even waxed the car), as we cook up the Passover dinner, and as we get our minds in order for tonight’s Seder, I wanted to say Happy Pesach and all the best to all the bloggers and sloggers and everybody else out there.

As we read the Passover Haggadah and once again re-live the rites that recall our liberation from slavery, we plow our way through a jumble of long-winded explanations for what we’re doing and experiencing on this special night (the Jewish way is to explain everything). Still, the best one for me is that it’s “meshubach”, which means (and it’s a hard one to translate) that it’s just a fine, elegant, and praise-worthy thing to do. Well, it sure is. Happy Pesach everyone.