George Packard was also a writer. He had several books he was working on, all unfinished. George lacked discipline.

All of his mother’s and grandmother’s rules and instructions had gone for naught – all their scoldings and conditions and threats had just passed over his head – or perhaps harmlessly through his youthful grey matter.. In fact George could still remember that, as a child, he learned to avoid his mother and grandmother as much as he could. George stayed busy at school, away from the house. He stayed late at school and played baseball or basketball much of the time. He avoided them, and obeyed their instructions only when he absolutely had to. Mentally he had always been free of them. In sports, and in study of science and history George had other worlds to inhabit, better worlds.

In short, George was short on discipline.

So when he decided that Wednesday morning that he was going to sit down and write, and furthermore that he was going to resume a regimen of writing every morning, he knew that he would have to work hard to maintain his resolve. Thus it was with considerable effort, and a bit of a heavy mind, that he sat down at the computer keyboard to write that spring morning.

George had in mind a science fiction novella. It was to be called The Story of the P’s.

In it, a man named John Marshall in the year of 2167 saves the world from the tyranny of the Grid – an outcropping of the cyber-revolution.  Marshall is not “connected”, he is not connected to the Grid. By 2167, most everyone is “connected” via  their PPP’s, their Projected Personality Profiles.

Marshall, who is sort of a noble savage, together with another “unconnected” woman, Rozina, set out to save the world……..

George had John Marshall and Rozina fleeing from “the securities”, literally heading for the hills, the mountains. ………And there he was stuck. He didn’t know just how to proceed.