Prof Dejean continues:

…..The PPP’s, the Large Projected Personality profiles, once implemented, enabled the Grid to have nearly total control. For no new grid systems could be introduced once personality and free will (to use the old 20th century term) were deleted.

The PPP’s

Surprisingly, only 4 axes were necessary to account for – or rather to create – all of the personality types necessary, i.e., all the IBM’s (individual behavior modes) or personalities in the majority of the world for most of the 21st century. To wit: the depressed/appetitive axis, the compliant/creative axis, the body-type/neuro-hierarchical axis, and then the social identification/self-image axis. Once the four axes were positioned, their convergences in 4-time revealed, or rather created, the Large P’s. And then quickly the PPP’s, the triple P’s, the large Projected Personality Profiles materialized. And the PPP’s could be generated on an 8-chip (as they are to this day).

By 2050, the P’s had become so completely dominant, so completely a part of people’s lives, that people — and there were nearly eight billion in the northern hemisphere alone — these people didn’t really know “themselves” in the way that we do today. As a footnote, I might add that the word “themselves” had a different meaning in the last century and specifically referred to “a group’s identification with a product or object” (according to the WikiDictionary, 2050 edition).

Since all personality functions were already pre-determined or pre-set by the PPP’s, self-awareness became unnecessary, and indeed it was highly problematic. In fact, self-awareness was considered “downright harmful” – according to Senator Jenkins of Mississippi, who drafted the North America No Awareness Act of 2047. Psychiatric admissions and criminal “holds” on individuals with vestigial awarenesses had already overwhelmed the mental health system for several decades. The simple and elegant solution (or so it seemed at the time) was to finally allow the Grid to just absorb all individual awareness.

Thus, in 2052, the Grid generated its own authorization to remove all individual awarenesses and to store them on the Grid Operating System – with a huge upsurge of power obviously. Ironically, the awareness upsurge together with the Grid’s tendency to want to grow and further extend itself was soon the Grid’s undoing. In any case, by 2056 or thereabouts, the human race no longer retained any awareness that hadn’t been soaked up by the Grid. Consequently, our predecessors – our grandmas and grandpas – no longer retained any awareness that they possessed personalities or personas. Because all they were were personae, or projections – which had been downloaded. It was a simple process really, the downloading.

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