Here’s a song with a simple progression, which has been done before but I forget by who. Van Morrison? Leonard Skinnard? It’s just a fun progression to play on the guitar. It’s in A, going to the E, then to D for two measures, and back to the A……. Who did you say? No, it wasn’t the Who. What? …. No, he’s on second…..The lyrics are quite simple too.

In any case and all the same,  I – like everyone else – am hoping that someone else will sing them instead of me.

So I invite all the musicians and singers out there to sing this song…

Goin’ back to San Francisco/Gonna have some fun/ I’m goin’ on down to San Francisco/ When my day be done.

When we got back from San Francisco /Everything was gone/Our village was deserted/ couldn’t find no one

Then I saw ol’ Mulie/Over by the shed/I listened to ol’ Mulie/These are the words he said

He said I’m going down to San Francisco/ Gonna have some fun/Goin’ on back to San Francisco/ My song’s been sung

Goin’ on back to San Francisco/Goin…….. San Francisco here I come….