Additional Historical Notes

By Prof. Robert Dejean

I think it interesting to point out at this point in the story that the idea, the image, of a hero who saves the world, saves his people in an act of sacrifice is not a new one. We have on record numerous accounts of exceptional individuals who perform exceptional deeds. Warriors, saints, prophets, and the like. We even possess recordings of stories and legends of gods and godesses who intervene heroically to save their people at critical junctures. The John Marshall story is not a unique one – only a more recent one.

Also not original is the idea of the great American novel, the GAN, a notion that inspired many pre-computer-age American writers. One, a writer named Philip Roth, even wrote a novel titled “The Great American Novel”. Interestingly, it revolved around the sport of baseball – which we have already seen was a “national pastime” that clearly possessed some sort of mythological import.*

* The sport of baseball and its function as a “splinter mythology” has been cited many times in the literature, and the archeological record presents a rich store of baseball memorabilia and legends. See Prof. Markowitz’s “Babe Ruth and the Other Baseball Mythologies”, 2122 edition.

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