I hadn’t played this one in a while, but it sure is a great song to play, and you’re welcome to join in.

You gotta walk that lonesome valley/you gotta walk it by your self/
ain’t nobody here can walk it for you/you gotta walk it by yourself

It’s a very old song. I first heard it performed by Pete Seeger, then I heard Woody Guthrie, the Carter Family too. It’s quite an old one, rooted in both the Black and the White folk traditions in America, a religious song which, to me, carries the same message to those of all faiths.

I’d like to dedicate this one to Doc Watson, who died this week at age 89. I only wish I could play it better. As far as I know, nobody could play guitar like Doc Watson. Furthermore his singing, banjo, and harmonica playing were also impeccable. His was a clean and pure spirit. And we thank him for all the joy and beautiful music that he gave to us. May he rest in peace.