Prof. Lionel Dejean continues his explanatory remartks………..

(Note: Dr. Dejean is (or will be in year 2128) unrelentingly pedantic. Sorry about Dr. Dejean. Please read with caution.)

In the 20 and 21st centuries, rapid dispersal of genetic and cultural material became increasingly possible – with almost an exponential increase in the number of trans-oceanic, trans-cultural communications. Cultural changes now spread rapidly and extended to nearly all points on the globe. Remember, students, by this time we have nearly total unanimity. When, by 2035, 80% of all words (or other units of speech) expressed were simple digital messages, then (and this digitalization coincided with the rapid world-wide dispersal of the PPP’s via the Unanimity Agreement as discussed earlier)……well, speech became largely circumscribed.

As Ukada points out in Effects of Digital Speech, the most significant outcome of the late 20th century and early 21st century digital revolutions was the decline of the spoken word, which, in turn, argues Ukada, reversed the homo sapiens’ 50,000 year-old march toward greater cognitive brain capacity. As Watson points out in Hand Jive and Non-Verbal Communication, the elimination of such a significant proportion of non-verbal nuances and face-to-face play behaviors resulted in the 21st century regression in human intelligence.

Watson perhaps overstates his case when he says (and I quote): “They (the humans) turned into expressionless links between their keypads and their screens.”

To conclude, “civilization” degenerated. Study of history and of the sciences effectively ceased, and a stagnation in human development occurred during this (and again I quote Morgenstern) “Dark Ages”. It is indeed a sobering thought that only sixty years ago our grandfathers and grandmothers were living what must have surely been for them – how shall I say it? – well, certainly by our standards, they lived grey and slavish lives. Clearly they were slaves to the Grid – tied to their PPP’s, their projected personality profiles, which were, of course, Grid-generated. Their thinking processes had significantly deteriorated with digitalization: in particular their ability to perceive themselves as separate entities from their grid templates, their PPP’s. This had been lost. Indeed, we must count ourselves lucky to have been resurrected as it were, and to have survived as an aware and conscious species.

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