I’ve posted this song one time already. Press here to see the previous post. So, then, why am I posting it again?

Well, mostly because I’m lazy, and I’ve discovered I can almost maintain this Every Day Another Story schedule with a song here and there. And a song can tell a story too. Right?

“Sitting on top of the world, feet hangin’ down”…… I tried this one with a second harmonica track for those who have the stomach, the courage, the mental and physical fortitude to press that button, that arrow below.

As I mentioned in the previous blog, this is an old blues, originating in Mississippi, credited to Walter Vinton and Lonnie Chapman in 1930 when it was first recorded, filtering and meandering down through numerous musicians and areas of the American south. I’m playing it as a slow blues. I didn’t sing too many verses, but there are lots of them too.