This Bumbastories Everyday Another Story Blog has been presenting a lot of American folk music. No mention has been made of Bob Dylan yet, so Bumba will break the silence with Mr. Tambourine Man – which I remember imperfectly I must confess.(too lazy to go find the lyrics)But the quality of the lyrics (as far as I remember them), the strength of some of the poetic images, simply grip you and carry this – and a lot of other Dylan songs along. He had that knack in his songwriting/performance. The early Dylan songs are my favorites. But hats off to the much maligned and oft-criticized Mr. Dylan. Check out his early recordings. I bought the Freewheelin album back in the days, and I think it’s one of his best. I believe this song came out just before he went fully electric, and it was a big hit for him at the time. It’s still a great song to play.