Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right

Here’s another of Dylan’s great early songs that I recorded last week. I used to know all the words, but I think I got most of them here. This song was another big Dylan hit. Franke Valli and the Four Seasons, as well as Johnny Cash and tons of others did covers on this song. Dylan plays it beautifully on the Freewheelin’ album. The story goes (this according to a PBS documentary) that Dylan didn’t perform this song in concert because he “gave” it to Ramblin’ Jack Elliot. Indeed Ramblin Jack always plays this one and always does it beautifully. I’m posting it here so that someone will join in and try to do this song too.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right

    1. Does I have egg on my face? Oh yeah!
      i am so sorry. I don’t know why i saw the link on other post and not this one. No explaining somethings..sometimes…

      Great version, loved it being more bluesy as Dylan intended.. Have heard it done a hundred ways and although I have some quicker tempo versions i like this is me a snob, liking it as it was meant to be.
      Again nice addition with the harp, more authentic. Great cover – I am impressed. I knew I would be. Dylan fan and all.
      Thanks for taking the time to message me about the link that was never missing.. apparently thought you needed a mission today.. [ ..she says sheepishly….]

      1. No problemo. Glad you found it and liked it. Ramblin’ Jack does it very well, and, as I think I mentioned on the blog, supposedly when Dylan heard Elliot do it, he “gave” the song to him. Dylan’s version is of course exquisite.

  1. Can I find a recording of your doing Don’t Think Twice? I am grateful to you for this post. As a Folk artist and one who still believes in the magic of great harmonoics and a skilled guitarist on 6 -strings (or 12) makes the most charming of sound.

    There are not enough people in this world who know this genre and I intend as a retiring flower child to make certain I can change that in as many lives as possible. What Dylan gave the world of Folk music as well as all the other genres (Rock, Country, Pop. etc..) he crossed is as paramount to the introduction of Rock n Roll to the world of music.

    “….. Don’t think Twice..It’s alright….
    it aint no use…..
    … I’ll just say fare-thee – well..”

    1. I thought I provided a link to my post where I did that song. I’ve been doing – or trying to do – just what you’re looking for. I do old country songs and blues mostly on guitar and harmonica, sometimes piano.. My buddy Preston Maybank plays with me on a number of the posts too. But that’s what we try to do. And it’s fun. And we hope others (like you!) will join in.

      1. As you may have noticed I am “Stalking” your blog trying to find Don’t think Twice. I have also searced your blog by song title to no avai.
        You offer up a very warm welcome, one without I would still be following, but with am even more enamored. Thank you!

        Grateful for the info given about you, your blog, and you, and your back-up. You both sounded like you were enjoying your selves. That’s why we do what we do. Enjoyment of the tunes.

        Fellow and sister folk artsts, lover if blues, foot stomping country/blue grass & rock n rollers are who i surround myself with. Have you ever met a lovelier group of people?

        Please give me a heads up when Don’t Think twice is found, I know i’ll love it but would love to hear it anyway.

        Be Expressed ~ BB

  2. Love this song, and I loved your rendition of it. I wasn’t aware that Johnny Cash did a version of this song, and I’m pretty familiar with Cash’s entire body of work. I’ll have to look for it. I’m aware of versions also by Eric Clapton, Peter Paul & Mary and Mike Ness.

    1. I may have pulled that one out of my hat. No – I just checked it – Johnny Cash did it. As did the Bronx’s own Bobby Darin, Flatt and Scruggs, and even Elvis. It’s just a great song.

      1. Peter Paul & Mary, the folk trio may be the most top dollar maker of ALL Dylans music for hiim other than himself. For over 60 yrs and still going albeit without the late Mary Travers their music lives on. as does Dylan’s. I saw Petere Yarrow in concert last winter ad it was by far one of the most outstanding concerts this hippie chic from the 60’s has been honored to see. At least a third if not more of the play list was Dylan’s music.
        You might like

        As I said, this is a mission I am on…. folk music.. the catalyst to Rock n Roll…

        Thanks again!

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