This is also a song that I included in my famous (some say infamous) soundtrack CD Up in the Bronx and Down in LA. Revolution was also written in the Bronx in the early 70’s….I played it yesterday on acoustic guitar, but this one was supposed to be a loud rock and roll song, sort of a wanna-be rocker.

The word revolution was still tossed about quite a lot in the early 70’s. Interesting that today (in the media and on the street from what I can tell) you don’t hear much talk of revolution or hear about “revolutionary” ideas. Like it’s over. The whole struggle is over. The world is a super-duper mess-up (aren’t I polite to say mess-up instead of …..oops) Everyone agrees that things need to be changed, but no one thinks there’s anything much he or she can personally do about it. Like it’s a lost cause. No one becomes more educated or informed about a given issue. (health care for instance, or corporate profiteering) Many don’t vote. And then there are the complaining types. And then there’s a whole lot of people who simply hate government, expect nothing from their government, think everything stinks, and don’t want to hear anything more about the matter.

The only possible hope is to somehow make the political system work for the good of all. There’s no choice but to use the existing political system as a starting point.

Well, there was no revolution in the sixties or the seventies.

And there still isn’t. We sure could use something, tho.

Anyway, here’s to the Revolution