OK. C’mon out of the water Hubert.

Seen below, the following concrete elephants are discoursing about the last Ice Age, the good old days, and what to have for dinner.

Gee whiz, Mom. Give a guy a break.
OK. Just a little while longer. Meanwhile I’ll go fetch some peanuts and greens for supper.
Peanuts!!! Oh boy. I love peanuts. I’ll be right there, Ma.
I tell ya son. Back in the Ice Age Days, we didn’t have peanuts every night like you kids. Just greens. Lotsa greens. We were very strict vegans back then.
Ahh. The good old days. An elephant could make a living back then. Didn’t have to do these concrete-elephant-sculpures-ouside-the-museum, stand-up gigs.