More from Cement Animal Sculptures

As we all know, cement animal sculptures have feelings too. Robert here has been having a bit of a rough go since his break-up with Suzie…..

I don’t know. All I can think about is Suzie.
Suzie says that I’m not honest.
And that’s the reason she broke up with me.
Boo hoo.
My friends say that I should forget about Suzie, and meet someone new.
My therapist suggests I try a zoological expedition or a cruise.
Stupid! Suzie didn’t break up with you because you were dishonest.
She said it’s because you’re always lion.
That’s all I need. A wise-ass elephant

3 thoughts on “More from Cement Animal Sculptures

  1. And so it’s all Suzie’s fault huh? What were you doing when she went off into the bush to give birth to your litter?

    I was just being a lion.

    Yeah right! I heard all about it from Angie, Jackie, Tricia and Mabel – yucks! Mabel!!!

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