Tom Joad

A number of people and bloggers (I suppose that’s redundant but I’m not sure) have talked about their favorite Woody Guthrie songs. Well, I guess Tom Joad is one of my all-time favorites.

Woody wrote it after seeing the movie Grapes of Wrath. He said he wrote it for the people back home who couldn’t read the book and who couldn’t afford to see the movie. The great saga by John Steinback chronicles the story of people like Guthrie himself, the “Okies”, who were driven off their farms during the great Depression by the duststorms and by the banks. Forced to leave their homes, they made the long trek across the desert to California – where more hard times awaited them.

Economic cycles, like duststorms keep hitting us hard. And social injustice is still blowing around too. Click to hear the song/saga of Tom Joad performed by Bumbas in 2012 (actually just a few minutes ago).

9 thoughts on “Tom Joad

  1. I read Grapes of Wrath many years ago. I think I was in high school. I just stumbled onto it. Just picked off a library shelf. Of course then I became a Steinbeck fan. But I was so … I guess amazed … because I was so ignorant of the Depression etc. Yes, still going on today the social injustice.

    OH…good news. I finally got the little audio player into my blog. Not that it will make me sound any better…..but nothing will help that. 😦

    Blogged about it this morning and left a link to your site in my little story.

  2. A number of people and bloggers (I suppose that’s redundant
    Hardly. Bloggers aren’t people!
    I tend to forget about this one, but you’re right, it’s a good one. Loved your rendition.

  3. Woody would have celebrated his birthday recently. I know this because we’re birthday buddies (July 14th)!

    1. Of course the French have a thing with that day too. Say, I went to the Dodger game yesterday and the Phillies put in a relief pitcher called Bastardo.

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