Evolutionary Haikus

Please forgive the crudeness of the following ditties, but Bumbastories likes to call a spade a spade. And I suppose I take some pleasure in chipping away at idealistic notions and those popular “inspirational” messages – which only cause harm in the end when they are not correct.

The concept of evolution is such a powerful and beautiful one. I’ve been reading Eric Chaisson’s Epic of Evolution, which extends the concept of evolution to the physical world. Chaisson, a remarkably brilliant scholar and writer, traces the entire 15 billion year history of the universe starting from the Big Bang up to the present through its (our) physical, chemical, biological and cultural epochs.

I am trying here to present some of these concepts – what Chaisson calls cosmic evolution. So I’ve been doing these little haikus, which I hope will cause readers to consider modern science for a moment and to stop and think about the wonders of the world. Besides, I’m throwing in some pretty cool pictures.

DNA Haiku

Chains of carbon-based molecules



They’re living

In you

Gooky Haiku

Primordial microbes



Such is life

Even today

Happy Haiku

Don’t be sad

Don’t be blue

All those germs

Living in you

Sing a song

To life

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