Key to the Highway Haiku

Weary traveller
Walk on
The road beckons
Snow-capped mountains await

For those of you who are not familiar with this song, as well as for those who are and don’t mind hearing it again, just click on the arrow below to hear Key to the Highway, the classic blues song by Bill Broonzy circa 1940.

I play Key to the Highway all the time. It’s not a standard 12 bar blues. It’s an 8 bar blues, if I’m not mistaken. It goes from the tonal (E) to the 5th (B) in the second bar… Well, then it has a few drinks, staggers into the 4th (A), returns to the tonal (E) for good measure (actually one measure and a double shot). Then to the 5th again. Then back to the tonal of course (by now it’s the 7th bar and you must be totally inebriated). And then there’s the turn-around if you’re still able to walk…..Well, it’s recommended that you have a designated driver if you want to make it through this song.