OK. I know. I’m a negative person.

A naysayer, a grouch.

A party-pooper.

A stick in the mud.

___”No, wait a minute.

I’m the one that’s stuck in the mud, buddy!”

OK. So I’m just a grumpy geezer. A whimpering whiner, an alliterating pain in the posterior.

But these Olympics kind of let me down.

I mean I like the sports. In fact I love them. It’s the other things I could do without. And let me enumerate (Also, I’ll list my reasons):

1. I don’t like commercials. The Olympics should be on public television. NBC should be thrown out on their corporate derrieres.

2. I don’t like all those heart-warming moments. They leave me cold.

3. And all those human interest stories are not interesting to me.

4. I don”t like all the promos, set-ups and commentary. Just show me the races

5. And I can’t bear to see Bob Costas degrading himself once again. Costas is a good guy, a real sports fan. It hurts to see him stooping to interview little girls and their moms.

6. That’s another thing. I don’t want to see the Moms and Dads. Just the athletes please.

7. And please, don’t show me any under-age athletes crying when they lose..

8. I’m also tired of beach volleyball

9. I want the fellas who finished fourth and fifth to get medals. They’re good athletes too.

10. I want all races that are decided by less than one tenth of a second difference to be do-overs. A tenth of a second difference is not a difference. Let them run it, swim it again.

11. And I don’t care what country wins the most medals. The Olympics is supposed to bring nations together, not pit them against each other. And I like to see athletes who are not Americans. This is an international competition.

12. Again, get rid of commercial TV.

“Are you done complaining? Then help me out of this mud please. And don’t worry. There’ll be another Olympics in 4 years.”