What a Story

Once upon a time there was a boy
And this boy lived a life
And grew to be an old man
And then he died

And then there was a girl, too
And she grew to be an old woman
And she died, too

So the story begins

Now, if we just count all the boys and all the girls that ever were (all the once upon a times)
In all the cities and farms and villages across the great big earth
Over the distant millenia and across all the continents

Not to forget all the animals that breathed life
All of the mammals, feathered birds, reptiles, snakes, ants and bumblebees too
And all the trees and plants
And all the fishes and the sea life
As well as the dinosaurs and other creatures now extinct
That once breathed the good air
And walked on this good earth and lived out their lives
Under the moon and sun
And the stars above

Well, add ’em up, Josephine
All those lives
Add ’em up
What a story!

24 thoughts on “What a Story

  1. well we saw some dinosaurs on the Autobahn last week on our way to Amsterdam – they are called trucks nowadays. The drivers are often very tired by their long distance trip from Poland to Rotterdam or Antwerp, sometimes they sleep a second and forget to hold their line – well we felt like little Dutch ducks, pushed by some dinosaurs …

  2. good, that we do not live forever – the planet became narrow too soon – a wonderful solution: YOU, bumba / Steve will stay forever in our minds with your book and blues music!

    1. Thanks Frizz. I’m having trouble with the rush hour congestion. Imagine if the dinosaurs were still here and on the road! I bet they’d drive big wide SUVs.

  3. To think about it……truly what an epic story!
    This is such a different poem….child-like yet with a depth whuch surprises you in the end.

  4. Although it is a word of which normally I am very suspicious, I found this piece to be delightful. I have trouble saying that word with a straight face, but it’s the only one that fits here. Really great (I went with great so I didn’t embarrass myself further with another Hallmark card adjective).

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