This is a song I wrote back in the Bronx and which I had my character Jack Isaacson sing in Chapter I of my book Up in the Bronx because it’s a bit of a true song. I was singing it when that stuff happened. Really. Well, almost really. And then I recorded it last year for the soundtrack CD Up in the Bronx, which is a companion piece to the book (Both are available via this blog. Just check the Up in the Bronx page above). I was singing it again last week. As a Bronx song, it’s a doo-wop with a lot of relative minor. Click to hear it. Here are the lyrics

Sweet dreams and happiness

Baby don’t you fall

Go on home, pick up what’s left

I’ll meet you in the hall……

All I need is my baby when I call

Love’s around the corner

So why’d you walk all around the block?

Go ‘head. Do what you wanna

But someday, you know, it’s going to have to stop……

All I need is my baby when I call

All I need is my baby when I call