This weeks photo prompt for the Madison Woods Friday fictioneers challenge is this web. And I hope you, as well as the ghost of E.B.White, will excuse my taking liberty with his title.

Ahh….. Welcome. Welcome to my web. My own little webby website, Heh Heh. I see that clever play on words, that Harlot for Charlotte trick, drew you in. And I knew it the momentΒ  you arrived! I could feel those luscious little vibrations – those wonderful little tugs and pulls on my silky strings which passed so deliciously through my spidery limbs like the taste of food itself. Ahh! I am always hungry for a tender morsel. A fly, a gnat. You perhaps! Ahh, welcome to my web. Don’t worry. I am on my way to put you out of your misery. And, once again, thanks for visiting.