Ode to Willie Mays

I already sent this in to Frizz’ “M” Challenge (send in any thing that starts with the letter M). Check out Frizz and his challenge at Flickr. When I looked through my old blogs I saw this one An Ode to Willie Mays.

I grew up loving Willie Mays. My father was a Giants’ fan and so was I. Willie Mays was my hero. I would defend him fiercely on the block if someone suggested Mickey Mantle was a better player. I would always insist that Willie Mays was the best player in the world. And he was! Certainly Mays was the best I have ever seen. My father, who had seen many of the greats (his idol had been Mel Ott) seemed to favor DiMaggio over Mays. But not by much, he said. Mays was a beauty to watch. So here’s to Willie Mays, #24

5 thoughts on “Ode to Willie Mays

  1. mantle gets slightly more respect than willie for two reasons. 1. world series wins and 2. how their careers ended.

    it’s not willie’s fault that the rest of his team wasn’t as good as the yankees. not at all. but willie hung on too long. too many people remember the embarassing end of his career with the mets as he actually would occasionally fall while running down a fly ball in the outfield. he needed to step down a few years earlier.

    however, in their prime, i would take willie before mickey.

    1. Oh oh. Another Yankees fan. You’re right, Willie should have retired a year or two earlier. The Giants didn’t treat him so well either. Have you seen Mike Trout? They immediately started to compare him to the Mick. And goshdarnit, they may be right.

      1. hard to compare anyone to mick, but even harder to compare to willie. he did absolutely everything right on the field and at the plate. i think he wasn’t appreciated as much as he should have been because of mickey and also duke snider. possible race had something to do with it, but i’d put willie as probably the greatest player i ever got to see.

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