Confession time for Bumba: I haven’t been writing. Boo hoo. I started a full time job again and have a lot less free time. Certainly the Every Day Another Story concept/goal will have to downshift to a twice a week or maybe a three times a week pace – which is I am sure is welcome news for my poor and long-suffering followers and readers (all three of you).

I’m going to try to tie up some loose strings with my self-publishing projects: to get both of my novels Up in the Bronx and One Life or The Lives of Chester Knowles out there for sale on this blog. (as well as on Amazon and several other outlets)

Also available here on the blog will be the CD soundtrack to the first book, a musical companion piece I call Up in the Bronx and Down in LA. And also available soon will be a little sequel to the One Life book which is called The Phantom Speaks – an off-beat sort of novella/series of essays – illustrated by the very wonderful artist Alexandria Skaltsounis.

So currently, having laid down my pen (figuratively and in actual fact, it was really leaking…..No it wasn’t, just kidding) I’ll just keep on playing that country music. Here’s a great song that Maybank and I were trying the other night. I suppose the choice of song is inspired by my return to the ranks of the employed. Working in a Coal Mine was first recorded by Lee Dorsey circa 1966. It’s an Allen Toussaint composition and I recommend you listen to the original because it’s just great. Maybank and I were having some fun with it, but if you never heard it, you should check out the original.