Gateway to Heaven

This week’s Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge from Madison Woods is this lovely photo:

They called it the “Gateway to Heaven”. “So what?” said I. “Who needs heaven?” I prefer the path to the side, that uncharted walk that snakes along the hillside, through the brush.

So that is where I went. I disappeared behind the hillside and was never seen again. At least until suppertime when I showed up hungry as a wolf.

I had a real nice walk, by the way.

19 thoughts on “Gateway to Heaven

  1. Dear Bumba,

    I thought your story was a well written bait and switch on the usual.

    As to being “a bit weary” of the 100 word challenges, there is a solution.



  2. I love the part about being “…never seen again. At least until suppertime…” I can’t help seeing the speaker as a snarky teenage boy at the age where they just can’t be filled up!

      1. This week is, let’s see, my third one. So, I’m still quite enjoying it! I like it forces me to write things I wouldn’t normally write. Anyway, I can see how it might get tired. I hope you still do it. I guess you could always take a little break.

      2. i like the challenge of making something complete with only 100 words. at first i thought it was silly, but then i really got into it. it’s like a puzzle, a game, like the bet that gave birth to “green eggs and ham,” in which dr. suess bet someone he could publish a book using no more than 50 words.

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