Click below to hear Bumba take another go at this classic by Pete Seeger. As much as Pete has been celebrated and recognized recently in his old age, I feel he remains vastly under-appreciated. As a song writer he was brilliant. This song, Oh Had I A Golden Thread, epitimizes and encapsulates Pete’s goals and aspirations as a musician and activist. It carries such a beautiful message, as does Pete himself.

I remember watching Pete Seeger and his “Rainbow Quest” show on the old Channel 13 back in NY. I was just starting to learn guitar at the time and knew two chords: A and D. And there was Pete fingering a D chord on his guitar. And there was Pete a’preachin’ and a’squawkin’ about how we all should feel free to play and sing this music – and enjoy these songs which belong to the people (no copyright nonsense for Pete): this folk music, this country music, which has been going on for generation upon generation all over the world. “Far over the waters, I’d reach my magic strand…”

Here are the lyrics. And please sing along.

Oh, had I a golden thread
And needle so fine
I’ve weave a magic strand
Of rainbow design
Of rainbow design.
In it I’d weave the bravery
Of women giving birth,
In it I would weave the innocence
Of children over all the earth,
Children of all earth.
Show my brothers and sisters
My rainbow design,
Bind up this sorry world
With hand and heart and mind,
Hand and heart and mind.

Far over the waters
I’d reach my magic band
To every human being
So they would understand,
So they’d understand