St. James Infirmary Again

Two days in a row the St. James Infirmary! Back to back St. James Infirmaries?? How low can you go, Bumba? I mean, just because it’s a sad, sad song doesn’t mean you have to keep on doing it. We’re not all masochists here. OK, OK. This time you’re closer to the standard version, I’ll grant you that. And it does tell a great story. You know….the one about the guy who goes down to the morgue to identify the corpse of his girlfriend:

“She was stretched out on a long white table. So young, so cold, so bare”

And then the final verse goes:

“Get out your crepe and the flowers. Get out your old rubber-tired hack. Caus’ there’s seven men going to the graveyard. And only six be coming back.”

OK, OK. it’s a great lyric. It’s one of the great folksongs. Go ahead and tell everyone to press the play button. Still, Bumba, I think you’re overdoing it.

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