Les Cahiers de

Georges Stendhal


George Stendhal, early 20th century author, whose Cahiers we present for the first time to the reading public via this Bumbastories blog, bore no relation to Casey Stengel as originally supposed. However, Stendhal laid claim to being a direct descendant, a great-grandson, of Marie Henri  Beyle, AKA Henri Stendhal, the celebrated 19th century author of The Red and the Black and The Charterhouse of Parma.


What follows are his Cahiers, translated to the English by Stephen Baum


Idees pour Histoires

(Ideas for Stories)



Frank Lombardi died of a heart attack in the arms of a lap dancer at a strip club in North Hollywood. Or rather it was she who was in his arms when he died. Lombardi had already come. Perhaps, testified the dancer at the inquest, he had died precisely at the moment he came in her arms. Such was the considered opinion of April, the young lap dancer, in whose sweet embraces he both came and went.


“Seulement une idee” scribbled Stendhal in the margin of his Cahiers.


“Not a bad way to die,” he had written in English.


“However,” he continued, “It would be my belief that when a man, French or otherwise, is having such a spectacular moment of pleasure, the last thing he would want to do is to die. No, no. He would rather live at such a moment. And live on! He would not acquiesce to death. So much for this idea.”


Translator’s note: No apologies are made here for Mr. Stendhal’s obvious anachronism. Clearly, the above was a work of fiction written by a French imposter.