Attached here is a letter I received from George Stendhal’s grandson Howard. I’m also including my response. It looks like this Stendhal series has reached its end, which, as I mentioned to Mr. Stendhal, is just as well.

24 Octobre. 2012
Dear Bumbastories or Bumba, or whoever you are,

I am outraged at the recent posts on your blog about my grandfather Georges Stendhal. I wonder how my grandfather’s personal diary, his Cahiers, fell into your grubby petit hands, but, as grandson and executor of the Stendhal estate, I can assure you, sir?, that I am mortified by your blatant plagiarism – and I may add, your lack of good taste. Please desist immediately from this blatant plagiarism and violation of international copyright conventions, or I shall be forced to take legal action.

Sincerely not yours,

Howard Stendhal

My response:

Hey Mr. Stendhal,

Up yours!
(The “idees pour histoires” weren’t much good anyhow.)