Why is it that we wait so long for the bus? What happened to the schedule? What is going on????
Well, Bumbastories researchers on the ground in Los Angeles have discovered the reason for the long delays.
Strange as it seems, a substantial number of Los Angeles MTA buses have “gone wild” Please refer to the video series “Buses Gone Wild”(available on local cable TV stations after 11PM). It is the conclusion of the Bumbastories research team that MTA buses communicate with one another. That is to say they socialize, they congregate. They hang out together. And, yes, it even appears that a goodly number of them are engaging in what can only be called “sexual activity”. Please examine the photos below.

It’s plain to see that the buses like to congregate. They like to mingle. Side by side they ride, front to back, fender to fender, nose to nose, bumper to bumper.  The buses snuggle, they brake, they park, they spend quality time together. End to end they form long sinuous convoys. They mix, they mingle. And, yes. The buses are doing the nasty.


Bumbastories wants to apologize if we’ve offended any of our viewers with this graphic exposee. But Bumbastories remains committed to providing its readers with the uncut unexpurgated truth.

Next time you’re waiting for the bus wondering what’s taking so long… Well….