Bumbastories continues its in-depth coverage of the surprisingly libidinous Los Angeles public transportation system.

It’s Buses Gone Wild, vol. 2

Buses. They don’t appear to be socializing or “communicating”. You’d think they would be too slow to make any “moves”. But no. These sex-starved, rapacious satyrs of our public transportation system are living in the “fast lane” (Well maybe that’s an incorrect metaphor, but you know what we mean). The buses are doing the nasty.

It starts off innocently enough……..

But before you know it………..

these “sex machines”, these mass transportation Romeos…..Well…..

They’re at it again!

Ha, Ha, Ha!

And, as one Franciscan monk said to the other: “Sects, sects sects. That’s all you ever talk about!”