The Meaning Thing

The young man in his training suit who walked past me was talking into his blue-tooth device. I heard him say:

“…the thing about the meaning thing is that….”

I only wish I could have heard the end of his sentence. Perhaps I would be a bit less bewildered and up in the air than I am right now. After all, what is the “meaning thing” anyway? And then what is “the thing about the meaning thing” he was talking about?

These are serious questions, my friends!

  1. What is the meaning thing? Answers to this (sorry) “very meaningful” question are numerous. They abound out there. Sometimes you can even see the answers bounding about, kind of like kangaroos. I mean, they can’t all be true, can they? Especially if they’re bounding and bouncing around like that. In any case, being that there are so many of these answers, it’s only logical that most of ‘em would have to be wrong. Which leads one to conclude that most of what you’ve heard about the meaning thing (the meaning of life, the meaning of… well… the meaning of it all), is…. Well, let’s just say that ya gotta take it with a grain of salt. So get out your salt shakers, my friends!
  2. Next question is what is this thing about the meaning thing. Now we have surely entered uncharted and indeed very murky waters, so I suggest you turn your boat around and paddle back as quick as you can to your home base where you can at least grab something to eat. And hear a little song to soothe you and to remind you not to get too serious about this meaning and the meaning of the meaning thing stuff. Have a good day!