“What???? Again!!!!!!”

How many times are you going to put John Henry on this blog?” (See once, see twice, see three times already!!!!!)

“I don’t know. I like playing it. And it tells such a great story. You know, man against machine. The glory of the working man, the good fight, going down swinging. So what the heck. Nobody is forcing anyone to press that click button anyway. Besides, there are people who never heard this song before.”

“Yeah? Name one.”

“I don’t know. This blog is broadcast all over the world. Through cyberspace that is. And if anybody can explain to you where and what cyberspace is, you can shiver me timbers, and tie me up and call me Suzie – not to mention various other 19th century pleasures. The song is out there. I mean it may reach someone.”

“Maybe, they’ll let you know”