St. James Infirmary

Last night I heard the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform this song on the public channel’s Austin City Limits show. It’s such a great song that I played it again today especially for this blog. I think it’s one of the great classics of American folk music, so here it is again in hopes that others will pick up on it and play and sing it themselves. Frizz of Flickrtext has featured this song too. Check it out. Look up Louis Armstrong’s version. images images-2

15 thoughts on “St. James Infirmary

    1. Frizz,
      You just made me check my posts. Earlier today I was preparing a new post that I still had to work on.: A St.James infirmary Compendium. I made a new category of that title and went back and re-tagged all the old posts. Maybank and I played it the other day. We almost always play it. He called it a blues too. I don’t think of it as a blues because it is minor key – which is quite a minor issue (sorry)……….
      I know I have your link to your renditions of the song and whenever you sing it you can add to the Compendium. Thanks for visiting,Frizz.

  1. Great song, although I’d never before heard it. I have had the opportunity to see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform live. Never Satchmo, though. I’m thinking I missed my opportunity about 40 years ago.

    1. Never too late. I’ve only come to love this song recently. Ya gotta hear Satchmo sing “get out your crepe and your flowers, get out your rubber-tired hacks…”

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