Garage Ramblings

This week’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word photo prompt is:

“This picture of somebody else’s garage. Not mine! Because I don’t have a lot of crap just sitting around. No. My garage is neat. It’s orderly. My garage is a neat, safe workplace…. Well, OK. I’ll be honest with you. My garage could use some cleaning up. Just a bit. Matter of fact, I’m going to clean it up tomorrow. Well, maybe over the weekend. Depends. Actually, this weekend I have some other things I have to do. I mean, the ol’ garage just needs a bit of tidying up. Shouldn’t take me very long. The garage is actually fairly neat…”

24 thoughts on “Garage Ramblings

  1. Dear Stephen,
    This sounds like the mental gymnastics I go through when I consider cleaning my desk.
    Another favorite sign I used to have…”Those proud of keeping an immaculate desk will never know the thrill of finding something they thought was irretrievably lost.”

  2. I enjoyed the machinations of your narrator’s mind and how s/he ended up with the desired answer. Never done that myself, of course. 🙂 But my garage is actually very neat and clean right now as I’ve cleared it all out as part of the ongoing effort to get the house ready to put on the market.

  3. Nice self talk!
    He/She needs to clear his head first… the garage can wait… no actually maybe if the garage is cleaned, mind will follow. Or maybe it depends on how neat rest of the house is. Perhaps it’s also a function of what is the reference of cleanliness of your MC, though that should be pretty standard, but what’s the standard way of deciding the standard of cleanliness? Is fairly neat neat enough? Maybe… maybe not.. That’s the thing about cleanliness… it’s subjective.

    Ok, I need to shut up!
    These are my 100 words for your 100 words. LOL

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