This is a song that I put on my CD Up in The Bronx and Down in L.A. that I’m attaching as a companion piece to my novel of (almost) the same name Up in the Bronx.

The main character, Jack Isaacson, sings it, and the lyrics are presented, on page 15.  I really did write the song at the same time the book refers to (yes, the book is somewhat autobiographical). And I still enjoy playing it. It’s a doo-wop sort of progression. It all takes place Up in the Bronx after all.

I was playing it again yesterday and did it pretty much without error – and to make no serious errors represents the high standard (the limbo bar, some say) this Bumbastories blog sets for itself! Click on the Up in the Bronx page above for more info. And click on the song if you want to hear the song.76731741

The song – and the novel itself – is about youthful expectations. It’s about simple needs and simple pleasures, and reconciling the whole ball of wax. And getting on in life. That I still can play and sing the same lyrics thirty years later shows you how far I’ve come after all these years. Still it’s good to reach back and play a rock&roll progression. The notion of a music CD to accompany a novel isn’t something you hear about every day. Most novelists and most songwriters have better sense I suppose.

Sweet dreams and happiness
Baby don’t you fall
Go home, pick up what’s left
I’ll meet you in the hall
All I need is my baby when I call

Love’s around the corner
So why’d ya walk all around the block
Go on, do what you wanna
Some day you know it’s gonna have to stop
All I need is my baby when I call