Here’s Key to the Highway again. This Bill Broonzy classic is one that I do all the time. Perhaps you will listen to it as you read another small chapter in the Adventures of George Packard:

George Packard took a seat at the back of the #20 bus. He had in his mind a story, or rather a series of little stories. He would write about his own adventures. Each day would be another adventure. True, the #20 bus was not a very auspicious start he had to admit. Not very adventuresome. Nor adventurous.





Yes, he George Packard, retired schoolteacher, would have to set out somewhere. To travel. All that “finding what you need in your own backyard stuff” was for losers. No, to have adventure, one must set out on the road!

What was that song? Yes. The Key to the Highway. The Highway, the Road, La Strada. The moving, the movement toward another place, another life. A life of adventure. The high seas perhaps…..

George Packard snapped out of his reverie just in time. He pulled the cord to request a stop. The heavy bus lunged toward the curb and jerked to a sudden stop at Crescent Drive. George stepped down from the bus and began his day.