imagesMae West once said: “Too much of a good thing is……fabulous”

However, conventional wisdom argues that it’s simply not cool to overdo things. Discretion, they tell us, is the greater part of valor. Too much of anything is….well, just too much. The perspicacious and very wise Isaac Bashevis Singer, who never preached at his readers and who offered precious little advice, repeatedly warned against extremes of any kind. Extremes of anything is always bad. So, take it easy, my friends. Employ a balanced approach. Walk that great Red Road.

Now, how do we know when enough is enough?

Luckily Bumbastories has compiled a guide to the perplexed, a check list, an algorithm to help set the borders, the lines in the sand. Consider the following:

Cats: Bumbastories says it’s OK to have a cat. Even two, or maybe three. images-1However, after four cats you have entered “Cat Lady” territory.

Collectibles: Collecting things is very nice. Stamps, coins, baseball cards, bottle caps. However, if you have in your possession more than 10 posters or figurines of Darth Veda, you have definitely crossed over to the Dark Side. And while we’re on the topic, any collection however minor (more than three items) of anything remotely connected to Star Trek is definitely super-nerd territory.images-3images-1

Sex: Mae West’s policy usually holds. But if you’re getting into Wilt Chamberlain numbers, maybe it’s time to put your pants back on.images-3

Blogging: Visiting the blogs here and there is great fun, but if you are reading this…. well

Talking: Of course we must communicate. But when you find yourself at the bottom of the page and you really have nothing more to say but you find yourself still talking and you really can’t stop and you know all along that you have to keep these blog things short and sweet but all the same you…..Uh oh.