Today’s Lovesick Blues with Harmonica

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To Hank Williams once again. Of course, Hank is inimitable, the greatest singer of his genre, which is all of Country and the so-called Country-Western fields. Bumbastories does these songs as a tribute, as an entree/introduction to this music for those who are new to it, and as a pleasant reminder to the rest of us old cowboys out there that a good song is always worth singing. This one was not written by Hank, rather by Cliff Friend and Irving Mills back in the 1920’s.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Lovesick Blues with Harmonica

    1. Thank you, thank you Frizz. I read the review. I enjoyed your take on it, on my identity. Yes, the music fits in somehow. Even now, here I am bathing (sinking) in old-time, half-forgotten, ragtime and country blues songs no one (except the odd bird like you) cares about anymore….Onward!!!

    1. I learned it from a Ramblin Jack Elliot record, but only started listening to Hank Williams much later, in L.A. Lovesick is not a genuine country song – too many many ragtime chords. But I thought it was Hank’s too.

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