images-10 Time to sing along.

It’s Up A Lazy River by Hoagie Carmichael


Ah, the lovely girls

In the afternoon

Ah, the glass of beer

Ah, the music in my mindimages-1

When I think of you my deer



Part II (of this quadrille of an afternoon)

I be a stag lost in the woods

Though would it be a Starbucks’images-3

I dream of you, my doe, my deerimages

In afternoons of a fawn



Part III

Ah romance

A painting of a sunlit dellimages-9

A young lad and a maiden

In warm regard

Uh huh


Part Quatro

To remembrance of things past

To Marcel Proust and his pills

To times gone by and good riddance to them

To sunsets to come

To islands to visit

Long afternoons at sea

Starry nightsimages-6

And distant constellations


And now a fifth!!!

Here’s to Orion

Champion of the southern skies

To Betelgeuse and Rigel

And the stars, nebulae, and galaxies of his beltimages-8

To the dog star close behind

To the glory of the seasons

To the movement of time

We wave ours hats briefly

We look up at Orion.