images-5An old folksong that I first heard on a Joan Baez record. She was accompanied by the Greenbriar Boys and I liked the song right away. So I’ve been playing it or trying to play it forty years or so. I’ve listened to Doc Watson do it many times on records and tapes and CDs so the words I use are closer to his. Since I’ve already posted this song many times, I’m going to assume you know the lyrics by now and can join in. I’ll write them in below just to make it easy, how’s that? It’s a terribly sad story of course. The tune is very beautiful, which I suppose creates a sort of dramatic tension. I was just playing it in a different key, just playing around with the guitar capo and an A harmonica, and other than the playing and the singing I think it came out all right.



I asked my love to take a walk
Just a walk a little walk
And as we walk, oh, may we talk
All about our wedding day

Only say that you’ll be mine
In our home we’ll happy be
Down beside where the waters flow
On the banks of the Ohio

I held a knife against her breast
As into my arms she pressed
She said Willie, don’t you murder me
I’m unprepared for eternity

I took her by her lily white hand
And dragged her down that bank of sand
There I throwed her in to drown
I watched her as she floated down

Was walking home tween twelve and one
Thinkin’ of what I had done
I killed a girl, my love you see
Because she would not marry me

The very next morn about half past four
The Sheriff came knocked at my door
He said now young man come now and go
Down to the Banks of the Ohio